Friday, August 10, 2012

1AB. Introduction to the Math Common Core Standards

Description: Philip Daro works on advancing the design and use of leadership tools for change at every level of the educational system, and consults with states and school districts on their accountability systems and mathematics programs. He will also discuss implications for teaching students with variations in prior mathematics knowledge and language.

Presenter: Phil Daro Chaired the State led Common Core Standards Mathematics Workgroup that wrote common College and Career Readiness Standards on behalf of 48 states and was a member of the lead writing team for the K-12 Common Core State Standards. 

Phil is a Senior Fellow for Mathematics for America’s Choice where he focuses on programs for students who are behind in mathematics and algebra for all; he also directs the partnership of University of California, Stanford and others with San Francisco Unified School District for the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP), with a focus on mathematics and science learning among students learning English or developing academic English, develops research agenda and projects that address priorities identified in the school district.

He has directed, advised and consulted to a range of mathematics education projects. The most extensive and intensive engagements include NAEP Validity studies, ACHIEVE, FAM(Foundations of Mathematics) program development for America’s Choice, Balanced Assessment Project (co – Director), Mathematics Assessment Resources (MARS), the El Paso Collaborative(consultant), Pittsburgh School District, Los Angeles Unified School District, New York CityBoard of Education, the state of Georgia, and the New Standards Project. From the mid ‘80s until the 90s, Phil was the state Director of the California Mathematics Project for the University of California. He has also worked with reading and literacy experts and panels on problems related to academic language development, especially in mathematics classroom discourse.

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  1. Looks Great! Will you be posting the slides, etc. from his talk? Very interested!